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Damnn it!!! I am gonna watch it cause I love that channel but man, Idk if I am gonna like this ep T_T

Edit: Welp, watched that ep and yea he has some valid points... I disagree with a few but the part about third parties can't be denied... Oh well... But with that being said... Every console, including the ps4 and x1 also had ports of other games so I think he might be slaking on some parts of his research this time around


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WiiU is actually liked by some people though.

That is ridiculous. People just come up with the most idiotic Wii U theories these days. Anything goes...

Liked by some people only in vgchartz world

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He spent 13 minutes on it and still probably got it wrong. (Didn't watch) 

Wii U is Gamecube HD.

 This was virtual boy for those who didn't know. 

There are some points I could agree with but I dislike that the Wii U is called 'the new virtual boy'. That just seems wrong, because while some things are equal to each other it doesn't mean the Wii U is a 'new virtual boy'. It's like calling the Burger King the 'new McDonald's'

There's no way the Wii U can be two consoles at once. The GameCube has already claimed the Wii U as it's offspring.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

its one of the weaker episodes, but he has some points that are to debate. i dont think he is right, but his oppinion isnt bashing.

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Well, he is half right. The Wii U is also a "non-portable" portable system just like Virtual Boy! Not sure about overpriced and headache inducing though.

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