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greenmedic88 said:
Darc Requiem said:
greenmedic88 said:
Darc Requiem said:
When you buy a platform at launch, this is the sort of risk you take. Platform holders giving early adopters any sort of concession is extremely rare. The only instance I can think of is Nintendo giving out free digital downloads to 3DS early adopters.

And that was $80 off a $250 purchase after I think it was 6 months?

I pre-ordered a 3DS and the "Ambassador Program" really wasn't much of consolation when they slashed the price of the 3DS that quickly.

Actually, thinking back, it made me not want to buy the next two retail games I had been planning on buying as retribution. And that had a play in me not using the 3DS as much leading into the PSV launch, and after that happened, I essentially stopped using the 3DS because the new games I wanted to play were on my new handheld. 

Sometimes things like this do bite the platform manufacturer in the ass. It also soured any enthusiasm I had for being an early Wii U adopter even though I was invited to preview the console before launch. I figured I would just wait for the first price drop which happened pretty quickly and by then, the Wii U was looking like last week's news and I had pre-ordered my PS4. 

They weren't obligated to give anyone anything let along 20 free downloadable games. I bought a 3DS at launch and I was agitated by the price cut but it was the risk I took by getting the platform the day it came out. 

I agree 100%.

But did it influence my decision to move my support to the PSV rather than not buy one and buy more software for the 3DS? It did 100%.

But here the most important issue should be: let's not try to get early adopters pissed-off, they're so kindly taking on their shoulders the burden of helping systems at launch, full priced and with few games, and bring them towards larger libraries and lower prices for the rest of us.   

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Nothing forced anyone to buy it at launch and this was bound to happen so why the hell are people surprised?