XBone outsells PS4 in both USA and UK

Forums - Sales Discussion - XBone outsells PS4 in both USA and UK

UK Hardware by Platform

PlatformWeekly (change)Total
XOne 7,981 (+32%) 456,265
PS4 7,756 (-27%) 693,937


USA Hardware by Platform

PlatformWeekly (change)Total
XOne 43,627 (+18%) 2,272,024
PS4 39,559 (-23%) 2,563,539


End of an era or just a fluke?

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Ho Ho Ho, a new King may arise in the Game of Thrones?


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Fluke for UK. Stock is abysmal in most places.

lol... its called stock problems.

Why dont you look at europe numbers overall? :p

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It's gotta be shortages, right? Great to see X1 selling well, though.

probably overtracked, one would expect numbers to go down not up when a big bundle and price cut are comming

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And that happened  without Titanfall. The XBox One will probably kill the PS4 in US/UK once that game comes out. I am serious!

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X1 won't go down without a fight, this isn't even it's final form.

The Titanfall effect? I expect the Xbone to keep outselling the PS4 from now in these markets.

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