Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Does Trine 2 look better than Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze?

Does it? Why?

Yes 92 42.59%
NO 82 37.96%
See Results 35 16.20%
Other ( post below) 7 3.24%

There is Trine 2^

Has anyone played this game here? I wish I could find a gif that would show how beautiful it is. I guess I could post a video. I think that it rivals and even possibly beats Tropical Freeze.




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Yes and No, the thing with Trine 2 is that its slow puzzles and slow platforming with not too many things happening in the background vs DKC is a fast paced platformer with lots of things happening in the background as well as levels being in the background and there are "3d" camera angles and etc

But Trine does look really better in a side by side comparison however


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Artistically i'd put Trine 2 several planets ahead of DKC, but graphically it's a bit harder to judge. As Jizz_Beard (lol) said, Trine 2 is relatively slow paced, where as DKC is fast and has constantly moving assets in both the foreground and background, which naturally results in a lower amount of detail per area.

Personally i'd say Trine 2 looks better despite the faster pace of DKC, but i could understand someone disagreeing.

I guess you could say Nintendo is trine hard to make they're games look good.

I'd say yes.

Is Trine 2 60fps on WiiU? I remember reading somewhere that Trine's backgrounds are rendered in real time so making it more impressive imo. Both have great art, and even though I love Donkey Kong, I'd say as far as visuals go, Trine 2 takes it.

Edit: I've played Trine 1 and 2 on PC


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Technically maybe, but I'm not a fan of the art style.

Donky Kong TF makes me angry, Trine 2 just puts me to sleep. It's still waiting for me under a pile of other unfinished games, please come back, I'm so pretty, play with me. Sorry, got better things to do, like curse at the screen when that stupid rhino loses momentum again and falls in a pit.

trine visuals are way better


Mystro-Sama said:
I guess you could say Nintendo is trine hard to make they're games look good.

I see what you did there ;)

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Trine 2 Wii U looks much better than Tropical Freeze; it has more detail, higher resolution textures, more complex lighting, shadowing, and effects. The only advantage DKC has from a technical perspective is 60fps versus Trine's 30fps.

Frozenbyte put visuals as their top priority; Retro Studios did not.

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Trine 2 looks gorgeous.

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