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Yes I am NOT going to buy Mario Kart 8 anymore,but Watch Dogs
Yes I am NOT going to buy Watch Dogs anymore,but Mario Kart 8
First Buy : Mario Kart 8 , Later: Watch Dogs
First Buy : Watch Dogs, Later: Mario Kart 8
No I buy both games DAY 1
No I buy Mario Kart 8 as I wanted (no interest in Watch Dogs)
No I buy Watch Dogs as I wanted (no interest in Watch Dogs)
No interest in both games
First Buy: Mario Kart 8, Later: Watch Dogs (WIIU VERSION ! )
I would buy both games for WiiU, but I do NOT want to wait for WiiU version

Has the timely publication of watch dogs effects on your Mario Kart purchase?

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I'm more likely to buy Mario Kart 8 launch week now, if that's what you're asking.

Love and tolerate.

Mario Kart trumps Watch_Dogs, hands down. Especially because this MK they seem to have really put a lot of effort into.

poll added

Hasn't changed it one bit. Voted for the third option.

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None of the above?

Buying both games at the same time I planed all along......when I buy a WiiU/PS4. Not sure if I'll get Watch Dogs for WiiU or PS4, I have to see how well the game is ported, and how cheap it gets (Deus Ex: DC is $40 on WiiU, but $15 on PS3/360....), but this release date does not affect when I buy either game.

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I plan to buy both eventually (Watch Dogs either on PS3 or Wii U depending on port quality)...but not any time soon >.>

I was planning to get Wii u with MK8, so no. Watch dogs on ps4 most likely, maybe pc.

Not even sure if want Watch Dogs yet, so yeah, I'll still be getting MK8 first!

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I've always planned on both games day one. But for Wii U it seems like it wont' matter as they are not near each others launch windows anyways.