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E3 2012 vs March 2014

I hope for Ubisoft it is last gen version. It looks like PS2 or Wii...

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You mean last gen. :P

It does not look like PS2 and Wii. Take those nostalgia glasses off.

With that said, i hope that is current gen version ( i still consider the new one as next-gen). It looks nothing like the awesome footage we saw at E3.

Is there any confirmation as to what version they used in the trailer? People are going crazy about this...

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Nintentacle said:
You mean last gen. :P

yeah sorry :/ 

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That.... looks worse than Most Wanted U lol..... that's not good....

It is all wii u's fault lol jk. It is not that bad tbh.

I don't remember seeing this in the trailer. It has been downgraded, though. Seems to happen to most Ubisoft games.

It definitely looks like a noticeable drop from what we have seen in the past, Hopefully it's the PS3/XB360 version of the game, because it definitely does not look good if it's the PS4/XB1/PC versions,

Though it wouldn't surprise me.. I expect PS3 & 360 to hold back a lot of games that are cross-gen in 2014 & maybe some of 2015

That being said, the game looks interesting and I'm still anticipating it's release.. but I'm not as hyped as I first was back at E3 2012 & to a lesser extent E3 2013.

Wtf is that?! I mean the todays trailer already looked like next gen but heavily downgraded from even E3 2013, not to mention the E3 2012 reveal which was leagues above. But this? This looks like freaking Wii U pre alpha state :-/

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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