Sooo, I have $500 now, PS4 or Xbox One ?

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PS4 504 75.34%
Xbox One 103 15.40%
WiiU ( I have it already) 60 8.97%

Unless u like MS exclusives better, PS4 is the way to go.  PS has more console exclusives than X1 (dont pay attention to those who say otherwise because some of them are also on PC, which by that logic they would not have Titanfall or Project Spark) and Infamous to me is the better of the two march releases.


With Driveclub, The Order, MLB The Show, and Infamous slated for 2014, the PS4 will also have more quality exclusives in the near future with some of PS's other big guns working on projects later down the line.  Furthermore PS4 has more Indie support and the PS camera can already do everything that kinect does and getting one would still cost less than the X1.


There are valid reasons for both, but to most gamers PS4 is the way to go because even if all u care about is 3rd party, PS4 will have the better version of that game.


Just my 2 cents.

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PS4 if you want pure gaming machine/multimedia features, Xbox one if you want multimedia machine/gaming features and Wii U if you want nintendo machine without next gen visuals and 3rd party support.

GAMING is not about spending hours to pass/waste our time just for fun,

its a Feeling/Experience about a VIRTUAL WORLD we can never be in real, and realizing some of our dreams (also creating new ones).

So, Feel Emotions, Experience Adventure/Action, Challenge Game, Solve puzzles and Have fun.

PlayStation is about all-round "New experiences" using new IP's to provide great diversity for everyone.

Xbox is always about Online and Shooting.

Nintendo is always about Fun games and milking IP's.

d21lewis said:
Dr.Grass said:
If that doesn't make your choice obvious then I have nothing to say to you. Kinect is NOT a plus.

Was that from that "Facts vs Fanboys" site?  The one that asks you to choose between PS3 and 360 but doesn't allow games like Witcher 2 to be included even though PC isn't in the comparison?  Hope they make one for Xbox One vs PS4!  That way, Titanfall won't exist!!

I get your point. Indeed Witcher 2 is a plus for the 360 over the PS3. But you know as well as I do that the point made by that graphic still stands - it is pretty overwhelming. Titanfall should be on the X1 list though.

PS4, it's not even a question.

AwakeandAlive said:

Come on guys ! Convince me ! I want hear your arguments


and the 720p vs 1080p Discussion is ridiculos 


Okay you want it, you get it :) 

More Information about me :D 

- Infamous SS looks awesome, but I think I prefer Titanfall 

- No I have no PC or 360 


- I looove KDH and Final Fantasy

- I have never played games like Halo or Uncharted, so I can not say which exclusives are better for me 

- I think Kinect is cool, but I have never used it xD 

- I have a WINDOWS PHONE XD ... thank you mum -.-

I mean those I bolded alone should be a "Tie breaker."  Dude it's stronger, cheaper, and better supported...

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Like others have said, It depends on your taste in games. You say you love JRPG's so I would go with PS4 if that's the case since it's obviously going to have better JRPG support then XB1 will.

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