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How do you treat Game Reviews?

I only look at the score given 29 38.16%
I read the whole review a... 3 3.95%
I read the review and tak... 11 14.47%
I dont look at any review... 11 14.47%
I may flick through some ... 12 15.79%

When you see a review do you read it all or just look at the score?


If you only look at the score why dont you read the detail and will the score alone effect whether or not you buy a game?

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Once in a while, I'll skim through a review to see if the reviewer mentions the length of them game. Other than that, I avoid them like herpes.

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I use them as a dummy bag to punch when I'm angry about dumb critics.

Game 'journalists' are a waste of time. Most of them simply regurgitate whatever the publisher's PR department tells them to.

I have to admit, im a score looker mainly (and feel slightly ashamed of it). However I dont go as far as to base my purchases on said score, though I guess its fair to say it can influence me, both positively and negatively.

Some examples...

I wanted a new Vita game so looked up reviews of games, and saw this 'Persona 4 Golden' sitting atop of the pile. I had never heard of persona at the time and had no clue what it was. Even straight away I was reluctant to buy it after looking up the price on amazon (29.99) but after a few days I thought,'well if it has such good scores it must be good' so bought it and absolutely fell in love with it! and since I have bought other Persona games, even watched the whole DVD collection :D

There is the other side too, such as Sniper Elite which got average reviews but saw alot of video's and it looked appealing to me. So bought that even though the reviews werent great and loved that too (cant wait for V3 on PS4).

BUt its also fair to say there are games I didnt buy because they got low scores.

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

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The score is the first thing I look at. After that it's usually a 50/50 chance that I will read the rest of the review.

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I can't be arsed reading the entirety of most reviews, so I read the beginning and the end then check the score. But I don't put much stock in the views or the score of any single review.

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Reviews usually make me feel very constipated so I stay far away from them.

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If I'm interested in buying a game, then I'll read reviews at sites where I have some respect for the reviewers. I'll also usually read some of the best and worst reviews to get some additional perspective. I look for objective information more than I look for opinions.

Scores are pretty much meaningless, especially when people take them without the context of reading the article. I pay very little attention to scores. The text is much more important. Given that many websites use different scales and metrics, I have no idea why people pay so much attention to them as though there were some kind of internet-wide standard. I consider the score to be fluff.

I used read to reviews but I don't do it anymore because most of them focus on telling you everything that is "wrong" with a game and that only ruins the experience for me because I'm not that neurotic about every little detail and most of the time I wouldn't even notice said flaws. I even checked reviews about my favorite games and games that I considered perfect only to read something like "huh you are stupid if you like this game because it's flawed here, here and there"

I hardly dislike a game, and I don't buy a lot of games to begin with so I don't really need reviews