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The games are similar in a lot of ways: they built on solid but-flawed predecessors to create a much more polished experience. In my bias, i can say that Mario at his best just beats the shit out of DK at his best, but i've never found the DK games more than just okay (blasphemy, i know, but even us Nintendrones have our differing tastes).

My guess is just that, that critics just have less taste for sidescrollers. NSMB's middling review scores compared to the 3D marios would attest to that.

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Why compare it to 3D World, one is a 3D platformer while the other one is 2D.

If anything you should compare it to Rayman Legends. DK is way better imo, I 100%ed Rayman in a week and I'm no where near 100% in DKC.

I think alot moaned about it being to hard. It is hard and that's what makes it great, Rayman was way to easy. Alot of other complained I heard is it being not Metroid (I agree but does'nt make the game any less good). Also the fact that WiiU did'nt need a other platformer (news flash, your job is to review a game as it is, not review a console situation wether that game is needed for that said console or not).

Also, this is something that happens only to Nintendo... Some ppl tend to be reviewing Nintendo instead of their games. They feel that Nintendo uses always the same old IP so they are critisizing DK for being more of the same. F*ck the fact that their's only been 2DK games in the last 10years, DK existed in the 90s, therefore they are milking it and it's same old... Meanwhile we get 7AC games in 7years and not once I saw ppl say ''same old, nothing groundbreaking'' And that's a other thing, why does only Nintendo games need groundbreaking stuffs. Only Nintendo games get critisized for being what they are. A Mario game can't be like Mario games, a Zelda game can't be like Zelda games and DK can't be like DK... Not once I saw someone say ''Legends is great, but it's alot like Origins, it's 2D and you jump in punch exactly like Origins, same old''. Their has been as many DKC games as Rayman games in the last 10years, yet only one is being blasted because it plays like it's predecessor, yet one of them adds 2characters that actualy changes gameplay abot (not ground breaking but still, why uterly destroy a formula?)


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The name.

leyendax69 said:
The name.

Tropical Freeze is a better name than 3D World IMO. But hey, that's what it is all about. Opinions. 


And flawed 'critic' reviews

Wouldn't be right for me to speculate; I've played neither. The only thing informing me are my own prejudices, and I'm trying to avoid those kinds of answers.

I will say that critics have standards, and different critics have different standards, and different games exceed or fall short of those standards in different ways. So if you think there's a singular, underlying reason to account for a relatively small difference in a broad consensus of different critics on different games...

...maybe you should avoid those kinds of answers.

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In my opinion, DKC Returns was a very mediocre game and much inferior to the original DKC. I did not play Tropical freeze but if it is done by the same developers it cannot be much better.

The original DKC had better gameplay, much better music and something I would call the Rareware magic in it.

I felt Super Mario 3D World was the better game, and it has an accurate Metacritic rating.

DKC: Tropical Freeze is a fantastic platformer, great difficulty and it's a lot of fun.. I'd say that for me I think it should be around 87-89 on Metacritic, It's definitely underrated.

Simple. Super Mario 3D World is actually enjoyable to play.

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Squeezol said:
leyendax69 said:
The name.

Tropical Freeze is a better name than 3D World IMO. But hey, that's what it is all about. Opinions. 


And flawed 'critic' reviews

I meant the brand, not this specific game. Review scores in video games are already inflated, especially in favor of specific developers (Nintendo, Naughty Dog, Rockstar in the top 3). The game could be a Nintendo exclusive, but was made for Retro :P

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