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1. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
2. Mario 3D World
3. Pikmin 3
4. Rayman Legends
5. New Super Mario Bros U

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I wish I had 5 or more games on my Wii U... ho hum. From what I do have, though:

#1. Super Mario 3D World
2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
3. Nintendo Land.

I still need to buy/play Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and NSMBU.

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Mine would be:

5. DK tropical freeze
4.Zombi U
3. Pikmin 3
2. Super mario 3d world
1. Nintendoland

1. Super Mario 3D World
2.  Rayman Legends
3. Wind Waker HD
4. Pikmin 3
5. TTT2

I won't be getting Tropical Freeze ( and other games) until April or so.

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1. Wonderful 101

2. SM3DW

3. WW HD

4. Pikmin 3

5. Lego City Undercover

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You know I wouldn't have been able to say this 6 months ago but I'm struggling to pick a top 5.....

1. Super Mario 3D World
2. Pikmin 3
3. Batman Arkham City
4. Rayman Legends
5. Windwaker

Honourable mentions/not yet finished: Runner 2, Trine 2, NFS MW, NSLU, DKTF, Deus Ex, and W101.

1. Monster Hunter Ultimate
2. ZombiU
3. Rayman Legends
4. Splinter Cell Blacklist
5. Need for Speed Most Wanted/ Lego City Undercover (can't decide)

1. Pikmin 3
2. Zelda Wind Waker HD
3. Mario 3D World
4. Zombi U

I need to mention, DKTF and Nintendo Land.

I dont yet have Wii U, but this games are first on my list.

Here it is the updated list of top games so far. It seems that the favorite is generally still SuperMario 3DWorld, but it is interesting to see the love some other unexpected games are getting.... I guess it really shows that the current library has very good variety and quality throughout.

36- Ninja Gaiden 3
35- Just Dance 2014
34- Knytt's Underground
33- Wii Fit U
32- Wii Party U
31- ResidentEvil Revelations
30- Mass Effect 3
29- NES Remix
28- CoD Ghosts
27- NAN
26- LegoMarvelSuperHeroes
25- Tekken Tag Tournament 2
24- Trine 2
23- Splinter Cell Blacklist
22- Sonic All-Stars Racing
21- Funky Barn
20- Scribblenauts U
19- Assassins Creed IV
18- Assassins Creed III
17- Darksiders II
16- MonsterHunter 3
15- ArkhamCity ArmoredEdition
14- NFS MostWantedU
13- Sonic TheLostWorld
12- DeusEx HR DirectorsCut
11- Lego City Undercover
10- New Super Luigi U
9- NintendoLand
8- The Wonderful 101
7- New SuperMarioBros U
6- Rayman Legends
5- ZombiU
4- DKC Tropical Freeze
3- WindWaker HD
2- Pikmin 3
1- SuperMario 3DWorld


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1. Super Mario 3DWorld - an amazing game. Addictive, fun, incredible gameplay, beautiful. Possibly the best Mario since SMB3.
2. Zelda: WWHD - One of the best looking games I've ever seen, with great gameplay to boot. Extra good because I never played the original.
3. COD: Blops 2 - My most-played title, so much fun online.
4. Batman: AC - Just a great game, and the best use of the Gamepad of any title.
5. COD: Ghosts - Good, but not near as good as Blops 2.

Honorable mention goes to Xenoblade. It's a Wii title but I played it on Wii U and has been my favorite experience on the system.