Is The Secret Sauce Of NDs Success That No One Tells Them What To Do?

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Why do you think they've been successful

Freedom 11 35.48%
Chloe's ass 13 41.94%
Drake's ass 4 12.90%
Ellen Page? 1 3.23%
Zombies! 2 6.45%
Wright said:
rolltide101x said:

I never heard this? Is it true? Link?

Source and source.


"So the big push from Sony, not just at Naughty Dog but at all of Sony's development companies at the time, was to craft games for PlayStation 3 that were much more realistic. The pressure from Xbox's success with gritty shooters was a very real force on our direction at that time."

Apparently the suggestion wasn't met with universal enthusiasm from the studio's staff.

"We had a lot of internal grumbling about the realist bent. More of the old dogs were from the Crash and Jak era and preferred that more whimsical style. But alas, that was a losing battle."

I guess Uncharted was supposed to be Savage Starlight, huh?

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I'd suggest people watch Grounded: The making of The Last of Us

It gives some insight into Naughty Dog's development process and obviously how they made The Last of Us, Definitely worth a watch if you are interested.


Trunkin said:
You seriously mean to tell me that Sony would let ND drop the Uncharted series if they wanted to? I don't buy it...

They could just have Bend, Cambridge or some other studio of theirs and let Naughty Dog move on to creating a new hit franchise.  Ready at Dawn eventually got to the order by doing great jobs on franchise stuff that Sony wanted...

Honestly I don't think ND has much freedom at all. Quantic Dream and Ready at dawn have much more freedom.