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Microsoft have been having it pretty hard since the Xbox One launched. Even with the Xbox One being the 2nd fastest holidays launch in the gaming history things are not looking good for MS right now.

Now we all have been saying it's their own fault, it's their own arrogance, but maybe, just maybe MS is not the only one to blame.

I don't believe that MS didn't make any research or survey to know where to go with the Xbox One. And they probably though Kinect was a desired device.

I have read a lot of comments, replies, battle going on this site and one thing always strike my mind. Xbox Fans don't critisize MS and that might translate as a lot of support to MS.

When DRM and always online was announced, Xbox Fans: "that is the way go, digital is the way the go, you can do your once 24 hour checks with the same smart phone you are using the type comment on this site, Oh wow 10 people sharing, that is so next gen. Kinect is the way to go, all those people against Kinect and DRM and always online are none other than Sony Fan boy, we Xbox Fans have no problem against it". So obviously when you see support like that why would you change?? Then pre orders started. PS4 winning 3-1 in the US and 5-1 rest of the work. Then MS did a 180 realizing most cries where just criers and no money.

In a lot of kinect 2.0 review some journalist were saying it wasn't always working. But Xbox Fan came out there screaming it's working fine 100% for me. Then when sales start slowing down big time and PS4 won January NPD almost 2 to 1 they realized they need to give people a console that is working well and proving Kinect worth. This will explains that their update has been delayed and they are hand picking users for their next software update. I hope they pick those users well.

Then come the resolution battle. Xbox Fans: "We don't play resolution, we play the game". Even MS PR started saying the same things. But 3rd parties game are selling a lot better on PS4 then Xbox One with the exception of shooters COD and Battlefield. Now MS has given developers a new SDK so that they can achieve 1080 easier from what I have read.

Now MS is even open to hear constant feedback to see what else they can do to improve the Xbox One.  But when you fans are saying they don't see any problem, everything is working fine for them, they don't care about those missing features, any one who complains about the Xbox One are just Sony fans that has never touched a Xbox One;          How exactly do you know before it's too late what to fix or not????

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Had. They are clearly fighting an uphill battle now catering to the core gamer.


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sales2099 said:

Had. They are clearly fighting an uphill battle now catering to the core gamer.

Yeah same thing happened with the PS3: "We have blue Ray, we have the most powerfull console, we have free online, so it's ok to price out $600, and we are waiting for those amazing games."

And it was not until the $300 PS3 Slim came out that PS3 really started selling well.

I 100% agree. They were listening to Yes Fans, and unfortunately, they're eerily following the same path SONY did when it launched. Nintendo is also in the same boat, but I think their boat has a few more leaks in it.

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It's great that Microsoft is listening what the people want now. Sadly, this shouldn't have happend at all, in my eyes the "great" exclusives Microsoft hes right now are bought. It's great for the first couple of years, but in the future they can't buy any exclusives, because of the userbase of Sony. It's way to expensive, Microsoft should start making more exclusives, that won't come on the computer. Perhaps then they have the chance, right now it doesn't look all sunshine. Sadly.

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I wonder what will happen to the 3rd party support.

Nintentacle said:
I wonder what will happen to the 3rd party support.

3rd party support won't be affected yet unless Infamous and the Order can sell over 5 to 6 millions copies each and with good legs.

Then 3rd party support will think that this is the way to go with non shooter game and they can do more and better game on the PS4 because of the power.

The way Sony exclusives sell compared to Xbox One exclusive will influence 3rd party support a lot.

Croud? is that Japanese for cloud?

Then yes, the cloud lied to them.

They probably relied too much on the clowd also. Their croud really supports the clowd. In fact, they're real prowd of the clowd, so they talk about it nice and lowd.

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I kinda doubt Microsoft reads the forums and goes "oh good the fans love us. We're doing great!" It's more to do with Microsoft fans inside the company. They just came off a very successful gen with the 360 and start to think arrogantly almost. Third console curse and all that.

Also all games are selling better on PS4 than XBONE, including COD and BF4.