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We all know Nintendo is really struggling to find an audience with the Wii U.The majority of gamers seem to be looking to Sony or Microsoft for consoles that offer superior specs and third party support.

Nintendo can't rely on other developers to provide games for the system. Third party support is WAY worse than it was on any of their previous consoles. They have pretty much stopped making games for it, and at this point I believe we'll see the usual LEGO-games, the Skylanders and Infinity franchises, Sonic, movie tie-ins, casual games like Just Dance - and not much else. Apart from a great selection of indie games and probably some outsourced games like Star Fox: Assault and F-Zero GX on GameCube. 

What if Nintendo offered a console that enabled users to play all of their past games, as well as their new games? I don't know if anything like that is even possible with the Wii U, but what if the Virtual Console could be a streaming service instead - something that Sony is apparently about to be doing with PlayStation Now.

Instead of the truly lackluster and expensive library of downloadable games that is the Wii U's Virtual console today, you would be getting the opportunity to play any game you want for a fixed monthly price. So on the eShop you'd have:

  • One section for streaming every game Nintendo ever published from the NES through the Wii (and from the GB through the DS). Some third party games as well if they could work out some kind of agreement
  • Another section for for downloading new Wii U games (1st party, third party and indies)

While I do think it's too late to be doing anything like this with the Wii U, I think this is what Nintendo needs to be doing with their next consoles (both the successor to the Wii U and the successor to the 3DS). The selection of older games should be the same on both consoles. Stop relying on others to provide software (they probably won't), and provide consoles that can give you everything Nintendo has to offer of games.

Just thinking about it makes me drool. Would you buy a product that offered this? Is it even possible?

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Doesn't the backwards compatibility aspect already kinda do that and do that better cause you don't have to rebuy/pay for the games you already own for the wii?

I guess it kinda makes sense for games older than the wii but idk if virtual console is the answer to the wiiUs problems... If the ps4 and wiiU traded places, would you buy a ps4 for Playstation Now? I wouldnt


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1. More releases every week. They have enough games between the Nintendo and Sega consoles that they will never run out
2. Miiverse community where people can tell Nintendo what they want

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Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Virtual console will ever be the answer to the Wii U's troubles.

What I was suggesting was that you'd subscribe to a service that allows you to play their entire library of past games. No need to repurchase any games, you'd pick any game you want to play and play it.

You'd never get all the games from past Nintendo systems, just because of licensing difficulties, but they could probably work out a Netflix-like system with a large chunk of publishers. I don't think it'll be particularly practical or profitable though. I'd prefer that they simply start actually releasing games for the platform. I'm one of the bigger proponents of the VC, and I've largely washed my hands of it because of the glacial pace of releases.

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The Virtual Console was one of the few disappointments I had when I finally got my Wii U up and running. I really expected alot more games. Its a shame because I would go crazy if they had a larger library of games available.

There's one real solution:instantly put all the wii eshop to the wii u one.It's ridiculous that we must wait again for all the games that we had already waited years upon years on wii.

More games, I really don't care how they do it. I really jus want greater variety.

As for third party support. The Wii U has much better third party support than the N64 did. Third party games don't sell Nintendo hardware, the GameCube had more third party games than N64 and did significantly worse. The Wii sold on highly demanded first party titles.

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Just release Paper Mario TTYD on the Wii U Virtual Console, dammit.

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More systems (GBA on Wii U is a good start), better games, more releases per week, and crossplay/crossbuy.

Done. Solved.