The most peacfeul video game music?

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I love a lot of peaceful music but most have been said already so I just want to add one the most impressive to me in the last years....

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Okami - reset (thank you).


I love peaceful tracks in games, I'm having trouble narrowing it down to the best of the best.

(For you Kresnik )

(My morning alarm)

Final Fantasy X - Besaid Island


Ah... just got a brainwave: here are some pieces that deserve to be on here as well

Hero Chao Garden:

Sand Bird from Super Mario Sunshine:

                                                                    Lyrics: He He He He Ha Ha Ha!                                                                  


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V-Rally 3 Time Attack - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikExkWIoAho


This one from the original Mass Effect is quite brilliant too.

Really catches that "peaceful space" feeling. I love it. Best track in the series. Ill post the video rather than the link, seeing as how this post only has the one.

Also, the only series that gives me nostalgia, remixed!

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Mystro-Sama said:


IKR. Kingdom Hearts easily has the best music i've ever heard in any game.