The most peacfeul video game music?

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You were so close...

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Original Unreal has great peaceful ambient tracks.

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Mystro-Sama said:

I sometimes listen to this song when I'm too stressed and I relax almost immediately. One of my favorite videogame songs, Yoko Shimomura is an excellent composer.

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I am not sure if this is what I would consider the most peaceful video game song, but it's up there.  It's such a relaxing and cool ( pun totally intended) song I could listen to it  and just don't give a damn about anything.

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HylianSwordsman said:

Not enough Stickerbrush Symphony in this thread.

Ah dem memories...

Btw. great song selection guys. Now I've heard almost everyting possible related to the topic, from any game.

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Lineage 2 for me. 10 years later the games music can be put in a game today and people would love it.