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Zisbest said:
Garden warfare, what an epic title! Reminds me of something going on between Slarvax and me.


I think I am the only person alive that can't distinguish a 720p from a 1080p game on a 40'' TV. So I'm more than fine with that resolution.

I can't either.

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My kids are really stoked for this....(I won't lie, it looks fun).

Going to wait on some reviews before I make the jump though, especially considering my One will be tied up with Titanfall here shortly.

Well 1080p should not be a problem with this game, but at least is 60fps

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Pretty disappointing considering the game isn't a graphical powerhouse so 1080p should be expected but the lower resolution wont hurt it as it looks awesome.

Man the resolution talk is serious is see, jeeez!

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1080p will become the norm now developers have had access to tiling tools for ESRAM from Feb. These games are still first gen games that couldn't take benefit of the new SDK toolset. Which brought with it Tiling on ESRAM. Meaning devs can store data there smartly.

Around 10 devs have already confirmed this new technique with latest SDK.

can't wait for this game. love PvZ

Well that sucks.

What the hell lol

Ohwell soon they should get there head around X1 development.

Looks like MS wants 60fps overall. They Cant have both 1080 60fps on the regular basis.