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As the first part of the ongoing vote for the best JRPG's of all time, as described here, we begin by voting for the earliest games in the genre.


Origins Era: This is when the JRPG got its start, during the 8-bit era. Only vote for games released on the third generation of consoles or earlier!


Systems of this era included: Famicom, MSX, NEC, and the Sega Master System.


Vote for your five Top JRPG's of the era in dexcending order.



  1. Perfect Game
  2. Awesome Game
  3. Great Game
  4. Pretty Good Game
  5. Decent Game

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Eww, don't know that much.
Played FF1-3 on emulator, would say awesome to great (but dem damn misses during battle, I hate it!).
I also played Y's on Master System, would rate it awesome.


1. Final Fantasy
2. Mother
3. Ys
4. Ys II
5. Dragon Warrior III

Kind of a tough generation for me to rate because a lot of the RPGs I played weren't true JRPGs but Japanese reworkings of WRPGs (Ultima, Wizardry, etc.) and I'm not sure if those count.

I wasn't even alive during that era.

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1. Final Fantasy III (NES)
2. The Magic of Scheherazade (NES)
3. Dragon Warrior IV (NES)
4. Dragon Warrior V (NES)
5. Mother (NES)


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1. Final Fantasy
2. The Magic of Scheherazade
3. Faxanadu
4. Dragon Warrior 3
5. Dragon Warrior 4

badgenome said:

1. Final Fantasy
2. Mother
3. Ys
4. Ys II
5. Dragon Warrior III


Faxanadu is developed by Falcom if you haven't played it.

kupomogli said:

Faxanadu is developed by Falcom if you haven't played it. 

Is it? Somehow, despite "Xanadu" being right there in the name, I never managed to put two and two together. Good job, me!

Maybe I'll check it out sometime.

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oh god.. I wasnt old enough to play any of these games ;_;

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