Titanfall top 5 kills of the week. (Sick!)

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I'm so hyped right now! Enjoy guys! All the haters can leave! You just don't understand.


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Lol, that last one was incredible!

And that sniper was pretty insane.

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not so impressiv. kill nr 2 was nice. but its not the lvl of Quake or UT. but its a nice big step from CoD.

Yeah I think this game was made for ''top kills of the week''. #1 was crazy.

Titanfall makes remedy sick.

Do you have fun playing a console different than mine?


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Not bad. I've seen better in Halo, though. My fav was when a bunch of guys were in a Pelican when some guy hijacked it, tossed out the pilot, and flew the ship over a cliff. Then he jumped out leaving all of the passengers to fall to their doom.

However this video does make me want to give Titanfall a try. It looks like there's a lot of room to be experimental and creative. Could be a new addiction....

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I'm surprised I wasn't one of the kills on there.

I didn't get chance to get into the beta at all... I was too busy. So the two times I did go on I got absolutely murdered.

I'm not really here!

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IGN is kinda BS, 2+ of those vids are from their own staff. And not even the good ones.

I liked #1 the best. Nice post OP.


I was impressed with the sniper one and the Titan drop kill.

The others, not so much.