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xone 11 3.54%
ps4 59 18.97%
ps3 44 14.15%
x360 10 3.22%
wii u 67 21.54%
wii 8 2.57%
pc 63 20.26%
3ds 24 7.72%
vita 20 6.43%
other 4 1.29%

Xbox 360 and Ps3 soon to be Xbone and PS4

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I voted PC. Next in line would be Wii U.

PC > 3DS > Wii U

Current Game Machines: 3DS, Wii U, PC.

Currently Playing: X-Com(PC), Smash Bros(WiiU), Banner Saga(PC), Guild Wars 2(PC), Project X Zone(3DS), Luigis Mansion 2(3DS), DayZ(PC)

PS3 until it stops getting most of the releases. Wii U is a secondary console to me

Vita and 3DS are played when i go on a long trip somewhere or if i'm bored.

PS4 is my next purchase and will be the last for a while but i'm waiting until it gets more games of it's own. It shares too many games with current gen. Not interested in Xbox One but that has the same issue with software at the moment i think

Xbox One, PS4 and Switch (+ Many Retro Consoles)

'When the people are being beaten with a stick, they are not much happier if it is called the people's stick'- Mikhail Bakunin

Prediction: Switch will sell better than Wii U Lifetime Sales by Jan 1st 2018