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xone 11 3.54%
ps4 59 18.97%
ps3 44 14.15%
x360 10 3.22%
wii u 67 21.54%
wii 8 2.57%
pc 63 20.26%
3ds 24 7.72%
vita 20 6.43%
other 4 1.29%
AZWification said:

Geez. What's up with people not giving the Ouya enough credit?

whats oh yeah?!

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Playstation 1, SNES, PSP! Next generation baby!

Playstation. Xbox for fps, Sony for pretty much everything else. I will have the Wii U this gen for sure though. Being that Sony multiplats will be superior this gen as well as exclusives being in a great quantity  already that are coming  I know which console i'll be using  70% of the time. Killzone, Infamous and the order all in one year? Sony is just too good. 

as of now the PS3 altough I spent most of my playtime lately on my Vita. I hope the PS4 will become it soon

PC...it's been that for last 30 years, since C64, and honestly, until something radically different is introduced, it will remain that way.

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PC & 3DS, with Wii U, Vita, & XB1 as my backups.

aviggo77 said:
Devil_Survivor said:
PS3 the most at the moment. I'm on a quest to get a 1,000 trophies by the end of March. At 365 now.

then u might not get 1000 cus its just 1 month left.

I like to set loft goals and see how far I can get to them. 500 is probably realistic at this point, I find if I have a far reaching goal I get more done as there as always more to do.


ps3 and and in a year and a half, ps4.

Lately PC for sure for me.

Second probably is Xbox One, then PS4.

It used to be the Wii/Wii U, but I have switched over to the PS3/PS4 now.

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