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xone 11 3.54%
ps4 59 18.97%
ps3 44 14.15%
x360 10 3.22%
wii u 67 21.54%
wii 8 2.57%
pc 63 20.26%
3ds 24 7.72%
vita 20 6.43%
other 4 1.29%

Wii U and 3DS mainly. However, I'm currently playing Bioshock Infinite on my 360.


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PS3 > PS4 > WiiU > 3DS > PC > PSVita

PS3 - I still have a backlog of games that I want to play with more being added to it because of PS Plus, There's also some games coming for it that I want to play like FFX/X-2 HD, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Persona 5

PS4 - This is my main console for upcoming multi-platform games that are available on it and it will replace PS3 as my main console once games start releasing on it more frequently.

WiiU - I mainly only buy Nintendo games on the WiiU, But there's quite a few games that I'm interested in that will probably get a substantial amount of playtime from games like X, Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. in the future.

3DS - I'm more of a home console gamer, but I do play quite a few 3DS exclusives that release.

PC - If I play PC games it's mostly MMO's

PSVita - I usually only use my PSVita if it has a good exclusive game like Tearaway or if it has a good selection of PS Plus games for that month which varies really.

I only have one more game that I am going to play on XB360 which is Saints Row IV because I borrowed that version from someone, The last game I will buy for the system was Fable Anniversary which I have finished.

I play Wii games on WiiU, DS games on 3DS and I don't use my PSP anymore.

PS2 and 3DS.

Yeah, I'm a dinosaur....

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Why is the Ouya not one of the poll options!? Us Ouya gamers do not want to be categorized as... Other

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As of right now, I guess I would say Wii U, since it's the only next gen console I own. I don't game on PC much these days, and while I do play Wii or PS3 from time to time still, I guess Wii U would have to be it. Especially once some of these eShop titles like Shovel Knight start coming out.

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Devil_Survivor said:
PS3 the most at the moment. I'm on a quest to get a 1,000 trophies by the end of March. At 365 now.

then u might not get 1000 cus its just 1 month left.

DigitalDevilSummoner said:

erm ;)?!

Was the Wii up until a few months ago, now it's the Wii U.

Consoles. I do have a casual gaming PC though.

This past gen it was mainly PS3. So far in new gen it's WiiU/3DS.


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