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xone 11 3.54%
ps4 59 18.97%
ps3 44 14.15%
x360 10 3.22%
wii u 67 21.54%
wii 8 2.57%
pc 63 20.26%
3ds 24 7.72%
vita 20 6.43%
other 4 1.29%

for me its pc!!80% of my games are pc games.what about you?

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Wii U and 3DS (Mostly Wii U) I play on PS360, too.

I don't know. Going by the last half year I used PS3, PS4 and PC quite equally. However there are coming more PC games for me than for PS4 this year and a GPU upgrade is impending.

Though I probably still prefer PS4.

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3DS, for a while now.

PS4 this gen.

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Nintentacle said:

Wii U and 3DS (Mostly Wii U) I play on PS360, too.

whats ps360?

aviggo77 said:
Nintentacle said:

Wii U and 3DS (Mostly Wii U) I play on PS360, too.

whats ps360?

It's a console from 18 years in the future. Microsoft buys Sony when they are about to go bankrupt and they make the PS360.

I guess it's the PS4 since I'm playing Outlast and plan on playing Thief soon. I just finished Fable Anniversary on my Xbox 360, the new Last of Us DLC on my PS3, and Rayman Legends on my Wii U. I love all my consoles, that includes my 3DS XL and my Vita.

Not sure, recently played KSP, FTL, Broken age on pc, GT6, Left behind on ps3, Tombraider, Knack on ps4, 3D world on WiiU. Only the 360 is getting left out, although the kids are playing Lego star wars on it, and they played mario kart double dash on the wii.

PS3 > PS4 > PC > Wii U.

PS3 = quite a few catalog titles I haven't cleared yet that I want to clear before saying goodbye to gen 7.
PS4 = I have quite a few games, and currently replaying Tomb Raider Def Ed.
PC = I play mostly Star Craft 2 and dungeon crawlers.
Wii U = 3DSMW and couple of others.

X360 = Not plugged in anymore.
Wii = Not plugged in anymore.
DS = Not charged anymore.
PSP = Not charged anymore.

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