Velocity Stream, an F-Zero styled game, coming to Wii U.

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What do you think about Velocity Stream?

Looks Great!! 7 17.07%
Looks Alright! 6 14.63%
Looks OK. 14 34.15%
Terrible!! 3 7.32%
Why you no F-Zero!!!! 11 26.83%

Velocity Stream, a futuristic racer made by Cavelight, shows elements seen on F-Zero games. It looks like FAST Racing Neo might have some competition!


What do you think about what you saw in the "trailer"?

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Looks like something I'll never want to play.

Well, this is new.


Looks really low budget, like Wipeout on PS1

Looks like F-Zero X and Extreme G on the N64 with better textures.

Doesn't look "Wii U" standard technically, but if it played well I'd give it a punt.

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Man, I hope an original F-Zero makes a comeback on home console soon and I hope Mario Kart 8's anti-gravity isn't Nintendo's answer for it because the developers were discouraged with F-Zero GX's sales numbers.

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Sighh, as much as I love playing games that are like F-Zero... I want F-Zero damn it!!! T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T


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This is bad. Too dark, no athmosphere, looks no fun. GX has better graphics than this.

Looks really clunky and unfinished  

But I just did some research and the ideas behind the game, specifically asymmetrical multiplayer, sound really promising.

Apparently, the "paver" creates a beam of energy in its wake. All the other "racers" try to race along this user-created track. The goal of the paver is to create a road so difficult that the racers fall off. The goal of the racers is to reach the paver. Sounds really cool.

I'm all for exciting new futuristic racers but this looks slow. F-Zero and WipEout (in the higher leagues) were all about pushing speed and I question how you could manage that in a game like this when the idea behind it is "zero track memorization".

But anyway, I'm sure it's work-in-progress so should improve.