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Should Nintendo bring back DK64?

Hell yeah! 35 50.72%
Maybe 8 11.59%
No, I prefer DKC! 17 24.64%
They should just sell DK to MS.. 3 4.35%
Are you ready for WIIIII UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! 4 5.80%
spurgeonryan said:
TheLegendaryWolf said:
spurgeonryan said:
Yeah. I am done with half ass 3d and nostalgic 2d games.

Yes. Galaxy and .sm3dw are half assed 3d

Mario 64. Sunshine. Were not.
.dk64 definitely was not . So much...too much content!

Does that mean you didn't like Mario Galaxy 1&2 or SM3DW?

that means I want real exploration in the next mario.


Banjo kazooie for example and even mario 64.- even the overworlds had layers upon layers to discover, then you had the levels as well. Not even skyward sword can boast that I think. It all seems like a path I am forced down. Give me free roam like the n64 did! visuals be damned!

Maybe a sequel to either Mario 64 or Mario Sunshine is in the works, or maybe a new and fresh installment to the 3D Mario Series.

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Well im looking forward to Tropical freeze on Friday, it looks sweeeet and judging by a lot of reviews the media seem to like it too. I think it will give NSMBU and Rayman a run for their money. If Ninty are gonna do a HD remake again it has to be Mario Sunshine..those tropical locations would look gorgeous, do it already!!!!

I have TF pre-ordered and am looking forward to it....if they were to announce Donkey Kong 64 HD, I'd buy another Wii U...

Yep, one of my favorite N64 games, never understood why it was "bad". People call it a "collectathon"...yet a LOT of games are like this and aren't called as such (and are even praised).