Seriously, PS4 sold out again! Why is the hype so crazy??

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Because all PS4's have accidentally been shipped to Chicago in Toastboy's neighborhood.

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Because SONY is good at this.

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Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said:
^ are you sure?

This http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Destiny_%28video_game%29
and this http://gamerant.com/bungie-destiny-always-online-requirement/ say otherwise

I look for PR statements, not speculation from some random gaming website.

Give PR STATEMENT つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Sony has already confirmed that the only games that require PS Plus use Sony's Servers, i.e MMOs do not.
The only reason PS Plus is need for multiplayer is because Sony spent the entire gen 7 competing with Xbox Live with a free service.
XBL has shown that gamers will pay for online multiplayer on consoles, considering the DOOM surrounding sony for the last eight years, it would be foolish for them to simply leave all that money on the table, because of Nintendo, especially when Nintendo is hardly competing with XBOX on that front.

In fact by keeping the Marketplace free and enticing people to pay with multiplayer they are best suited to profit from this.

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^I'm pretty sure they just want the subscription revenue. That's why they're also doing the free games thing -- to get people to stay subscribed to them and give them the $$$.

It's the better console and a video game console frist.congrats to Sony I like my ps4 I have not played in a while


leo-j said:
Because of what sony did with the ps3.. They deserve trust and sales.. To go from barely having better first party than microsoft , to surpassing Nintendo.. With innovative IP after IP.. They proved themselves last gen

Surpassing Nintendo? Are you drunk? 

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Dr.EisDrachenJaeger said:
Give PR STATEMENT つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

You already have one from Jason Jones who did the interview with Game Informer. AKA that IGN link.

It's cheaper and more powerful. You can't go wrong.