%99 of music is crap today.

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That's quite a conclusion considering you haven't even heard 99% of the music today.... Have you ever though that maybe you're just listening to all of the terrible music which is skewing your perception?

There is a lot of really brilliant music being made today. It just isn't being being published and promoted the way it used to be. I do agree that most of what you'll find on the radio or tv is going to be garbage.

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pff heared 400 bands last summer, some were bad, but the most where realy nice. u can hear cheap or free live musik allmost every weekend in europe in the summer.

One of the great things is that with the technology we have now, we can do things with music which weren't possible 30 or so years ago. Which unfortunately means autotune, but among more favorable advances.

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Triwells said:
I agree. Lana Del Rey is that 1%

Lana Del Rey is the shit!! her song "video games" is amazing, also, coldplay is pretty good, and so is Zed and SHM.

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If you said 99% of mainstream music was shit then i would agree but there's no way 99% of ALL music sucks. There is some seriously good music out there, especially by indies which is just waiting to be found. I like Bastille and he's very well known now. Daft Punk is also awesome. I could say quite a few if I wanted.

The thing is we always seem to see the past with rose tinted sunglasses.

I like alot of the soundtracks I come across in Video games. Hotline Miami's soundtrack is amazing if you like electronic or trance music 

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A vast majority of it is terrible, but there are still a lot of great singles and records being released currently. I don't really listen to that much current stuff anymore though anyway. My favorite time periods of music are the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

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