Gamespot gives a 6/10 to DKC: Tropical Freeze

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I think it is ultimately going to be a solid 8+/10 game

Only foolish people complain about the game being a sequel and therefore not fresh/new/exciting when they are also mainly complaining that they wish Retro had giving them a sequel to a different game.

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I'm still more concerned about LORD OF SHADOWS 2...but I guess there's no fun ( for some people) to target upcoming games getting low scores when they're not exclusive to Nintendo platforms.

What the hell? How is this supposed to be accurate in any sense? 5 means a seriously flawed game, and DK looks like it isn't. What the fuck is wrong with you Gamespot...

Sh1nn said:

You can see it on the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze message board on GameFAQs, when you scroll down to the news segment



Well.. it scored better than Knack.....

lol.... hehehe. Gamespot is a joke, actually.

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5/10..wtf?...now i cant wait to see what score they will give to titanfall


If the same guy playing here has reviewed it... Man, that guy sucked at playing it. I'd be surprised if he got past world 2.


GameXplain gives it five stars out of five. Too bad they won't get counted on Metacritic. :p 

it got a 6 :(

Ign gave it a 9. If most scores are high and gamestop are the only one giving it a 5 we know they're carzy fuckers.

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

Justagamer said:
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tbone51 said:
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Told you the meta for this game wouldn't be higher than 70, after the first reviews came in. I think this game is rushed, hence the bad scores.

If not for the game draught on the WiiU, this game could've afforded to launch later and be better received.

since your soooooo confident why dont you put your money where your mouth is (in this case sig control). We bet, yu win if it gets 70 or lower i win if it gets a 71 or higher

Why should i make a bet about a prediction just because you don't agree with it? Search for another means of ''proving'' how right you are. I'm predicting this and your bias is not going to change my mind.

ok then, i guess your word is meaningless. You sounded like you were confident, so i called it out, but your backing out of your statement so yeah? If i said i bet ps4 wont sell more than 5mil this year, then somebody calls me out on it (this case a bet) and i said wat you just said then it makes me look bad.

Dont state something then totally go back on your word

I see where you're coming from, and I agree. If someone wants to make a bold prediction, then they should be willing to stand behind it! It is just a sig control bet, after all, what's the big deal? It's really just for fun...

Well he and i disagree, i just really dont like it wen you cant even back up your own statement! Anywayz he would of lost badly, its currently a 81(or 82) with 31 reviews so far