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I have a problem and I need some feedback from people who know anything about this kind of stuff.

I won a house(yes) in Detroit on a pokergame, which had some respectable players. The pot was about 5000€ at the time I accepted the bet, which was a no brainer as I had the nuts. Well, I won and I am supposed to sign the papers in few hours.

But now I am having my doubts about this. Here is all I can tell you about the "big win".

The 3 bedroom house is build in 40's, which makes it quite old. Judging by the picture, it is not a total turd. It had a fresh paint and even the yard was taken care of.

Don't know the address, but it is supposed to be located very near downton. Zip code was something like 48200 or close to that.

I don't have USA nationality, but as far as I know that is not a problem for owning property there?



So... would I be stuck with some payments (land rent/upkeep/whatever) if I were to sign the papers or is there a chance that I could make money out of it? I've seen that the prices in Detroit are superlow, but any money is good.


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A little more information:

I made a big bet and accepted that as he had not enough money. He had a super hand, I would have bet on that hand too knowing how the hand was played.

So where do you live? Maybe you should get a visa and go and see your house in Detroit to make sure it exists. Also Detroit isn't the best place to live, but perhaps Downtown is better. The city had declared bankruptcy last year so I assume property prices have tumbled after that.


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You'd really need to look into it. It's hard to have a property valued for only the equivalent to 5000 Euros (which might be, what, 6500 USD?). I mean, land rates are really bad in some parts of Detroit proper (if it is in the actual municipality of Detroit. What people never quite understand is that Detroit as an urban area is still pretty prosperous, it is the city itself that's falling apart due to mass depopulation to the adjacent townships or out of the area), but that is still very, very low. It could have a ton of tax liens on it or something, even if it is decently maintained.

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I'd suggest looking up the public records of the house online. Just to make sure there is nothing sketchy about it.


For example, he might of bought a foreclosure house, only to find that it had some issues.

So for example, it could of been seized for tax lien, but have a few more liens against the house that would make you responsible if you bought it.

Well, I decided not to take it. He seemed to be ok with it. Not happy, not disappointed.

Better this way.

XboneWins said:
Well, I decided not to take it. He seemed to be ok with it. Not happy, not disappointed.

Better this way.

smart move in my opinion.

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