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I have to say, I don't get it at all. I don't understand what's selling the thing right now given the complete lack of games out (not that I'm complaining exactly, I want the PS4 to crush the competition). I thought the supply issues would be completely ironed out by the second week of January. I thought we were going to see sales drop to around 80k per week.

I keep thinking that time is finally going to come, and perhaps it finally will come around April or May... But man, these sales are just bizarre. I know we're at least at the point where if you really want a PS4, you can use online trackers and nab one without too much hassle, but it's just retarded that you can't just walk into any store that carries electronics and pick one up in the middle of February with no hassle.

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archbrix said:
Chasesdaddy84 said:
archbrix said:
Chasesdaddy84 said:
It's so crazy that this long after launch when I go into one of my local Best Buy's or Gamestop's and ask if any PS4's in stock and everyone laughs.... and then politely informs me, no. I honestly thought this would be over by now and they would be easily supplied. People can say what they want but the truth is, they ARE hard to find and get your hands on. Learning the stores shipment arrival dates is a must, and even then you will likely have to brave a line to even have a "chance" at getting one. In another thread they pointed out how PS4 right now is above where the Wii was at this exact time frame after it's launch. and by a hefty amount (something like 600k higher) AND the PS4 is yet to launch in Japan.... Crazy, just pain crazy.

While the PS4 is currently outselling the Wii when aligning their timeframes, Sony has also been better at producing supply.  Nintendo was also burned so badly by the Gamecube's modest sales that their production of the Wii ended up way behind demand.

PS4 demand is extraordinary and is still not readily available at all times, but it has been available for days at a time here and there such as the big Amazon shipments last month and last week at many Best Buy stores, no waiting in line necessary.  To my knowledge, the Wii was never available for days at a time throughout any of its first year.

Yeah... I kinda 100% agree with everything you said. PS4's haven't been available here though, but it's a densly populus area and I'm sure the demand is much higher than the supply available here. Most places, small cities, towns, what have you... there will be some demand sure, but the supply can more easily meet the demand. I think that is why we have some reports of them in stores, and some others saying how they are sold out within minutes. I think both are correct. 

Again though.. I totally see where you're coming from with your comment and it's kinda hard to argue against it. I do remember trying to get a Wii like 8 months after launch and STILL having a hard time. I think it's scary and hard to imagine that a traditional console like the PS4 could have the same demand for something as revolutionary as the Wii at the time. So far, the numbers don't lie. But I too, see it impossible to keep this up and soon demand will subside considerably. Although I also NEVER thought it would be anywhere close to where it is already. So I'm just gonna wait and see! 

@bolded:  Yeah, I completely agree with your point here.  I've said that as well; the Wii was a phenomenon at a mass-market price and came bundled with a game that was revolutionary that everyone was talking about.  The PS4, on the other hand, doesn't have any particular game that is moving the console en masse and is not in the "impulse buy" price range, yet its sales are amazing.

I think that it comes down to two main things:  First, the PS4 is a sure thing for the 8th gen, regardless of what the competition does.  Even if someone is considering picking up a WiiU or an XB1 somewhere down the line, the PS4 is definitely a safe buy for anyone who is anxious to jump into next-gen because it'll have all of the big 3rd party games - and the best versions at that.

And second, most people are aware that there won't be a price reduction any time soon, and the price is not prohibitively expensive at $399.  Sony is in no position financially to take a loss by dropping the price, and even if they could, it would be absurd to leave money on the table when the console is selling the way it is currently - not to mention that their closest competitor is the one who will need a price drop first.

We must be the same person. You just spoke my mind better than I ever could. 

I loved every word of your comment and I swear you took them right out of my mouth. 

..... I just read that last sentence again... Is it just me or does that not sound right? No innuendo implied, I promise haha 

Shadow1980 said:
binary solo said:

PS4 will not outsell PS3 lifetime. Growth in the console market is a myth, it's gonna shrink this gen.

And you're basing this on what exactly? Historical precedent suggests you're wrong, and that console gaming has become ever more mainstream over time, at least in America and Europe (in Japan the market has remained stagnant at best over the decades). Even if the Wii U's lackluster sales result in lower total hardware unit sales this generation, I still think demand is sufficient to propel combined PS4 & XBO sales well ahead of combined PS3 and 360 sales, and that the PS4 will be the overall global market leader due to the majority of Xbox sales being concentrated in America. I don't think we've seen the last 100+ million seller in the console market. If you're one of those people that think most gamers are going to completely abandon console gaming just to play dinky little games like Candy Crush, well, to me that's like saying that people are going to abandon Ford, GM, and Toyota for Huffy and Schwinn.

And the 7th gen pretty much broke all historical precedent. There's never been as fragmented a video gaming market than the one we're getting into now.

When you take out Wii's Blue Ocean (probably 50% of Wii's sales), which was largely a one generation wonder as evidenced by Wii U's dismal Gamecube-like sales, the 7th gen looks a lot like the 6th gen. 6th Gen was not far off 200 million total (albeit needing PS2 to sell well into the 7th gen to get there). 50 Million Wii's + 85 Million PS3s + 85 Million 360s = 220 million. That's about the size of the pie that PS4boneU will be fighting over.

OK PS4 may outsell PS3, but that will be at the expense of Xb one selling very poorly by comparison to 360. It won;t be because there's significant over all growth in the console market.

Hand held consoles are shrinking, and while they do more directly compete against mobile phone/tablet/iPod, don't think for a minute that mobile and tablet gaming isn't going to also affect home consoles. it will.

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BenVTrigger said:
Ive commented on this in several threads. Sony currently still certainly can't meet demand in NA

Has supply been improving?

think-man said:
ktay95 said:
think-man said:
Yeah seems demand is still very high, Iv seen signs up saying pre order now to get your PS4 late feb.

Now March across the board in AU =( at least I finally ordered one

It's crazy Sony is going to have no stock for the boost that Infamous will create.

=D MY ORDER WAS PUSHED FROM MARCH TO 18TH OF FEB... but what games do I buy?? I mainly wanted it for MGS, FF14 and Dynasty Warriors

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ethomaz said:
We will see more supply issue near Japan launch... sad.

I don't think we will actually. Once Sony stop stocking for Japan, they'll spread more consoles to the West.

And for anyone interested:

PS4 £330: http://www.gamestop.co.uk/PlayStation%204/Games/44345/playstation-4-console?&utm_source=tradedoubler

PS4 Camera £45: http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/playstation/playstation-accessories/sony-playstation-camera-for-ps4-black-21449833-pdt.html?awc=1599_1392199408_1ca356205c6802eda9dd470a276fbd46&srcid=369&xtor=AL-1&cmpid=aff~VigLink%20Inc~Communities%20%26%20UGC&istCompanyId=bec25c7e-cbcd-460d-81d5-a25372d2e3d7&istItemId=qqpxmxaq&istBid=t


The PS5 Exists. 

Munkeh111 said:
GAME seem to have bundles, but they're doing some dodgy advertising. Their homepage displays two images side by side. One advertised Xbox One + 1 game for £449 (a £25 saving) and the other advertises a PS4 + 1 game for £429.99. To me, this implies that a PS4 game is worth £80? In fact, you get a PS+ subscription with the PS4

Something is odd in GAME at the moment anyway, went in yesterday, FIFA14 on PS4 £54.99. On Xbox One £44.99. Then some games are actually RRP, £60 for a PS4 or Xbox One game? Absolute joke.

I'm not sure what is going on this new generation but the high street shops are not conforming to what they are supposed to do, that is £10 under RRP because games are too expensive already. Their online store is at least pricematching other places else what's the point of buying from them at all? I'm unlikely to buy a full priced game this generation, I can see that now.


Oh on subject, they had a few PS4s in store the other day... well the piece of paper outside said it did anyway probably gone now but with the Japanese launch coming up, I would expect there supply to be tight.

Hmm, pie.

lucidium said:
The amount the ps4 is being pushed in electronics stores here in japan I will be genuinely shocked if it doesn't break 250k on launch week in japan alone

I reckon around 500,000 in 2 days.


The PS5 Exists. 

Yeah it really isn't, I still can't find a PS4 where I live and Amazon germany is still selling PS4s through other retailers and that for 550€ at the moment. I'm pretty sure that in other, smaller countries people are having even more trouble if they're trying to get one.

It's probably still going to take some time until you can go into a store in every country the PS4 is released in and just buy one without any trouble.

binary solo said:

Just don't be misled by all this high demand. It is a short term thing. We live in a console age where front loaded sales is the norm, and this will also apply to PS4. AND last gen was so long that there is much more pent up demand this time than there has been for the start of previous generations. People who bought PS3 in 2006/7/8 are all ready and willing to buy a new console. Whereas in the past only people who bought in the first year or 18 months were ready to buy a new console in the launch period.

Demand will taper off fast once all that early gen craziness has worked itself out. Just like Wii was a fad that went on for a quite a while, PS4 demand is also a fad, of sorts, that will fade.

PS4 will not outsell PS3 lifetime. Growth in the console market is a myth, it's gonna shrink this gen.

Having said that, current numbers are still impressive and I will enjoy them while they last.

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