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kupomogli said:

I didn't like bullet penetration on CoD because it was completely random on what you could or couldn't shoot through. You couldn't shoot through a paper thin wall that looks to be made of wood, but you could shoot through a thick concrete wall, or a steel box.

It was less realistic and more based on who remembers what you can shoot through or not.  You can't even shoot through some random ornaments decorating stages, like the boat on Black Ops 2.  Those damn towels and that spa are bulletproof all  to hell.


I'm not interested in Titanfall, but not going to bash it because it's doesn't include some stupid gimmick I didn't like.


whats a gimmick? bullet penetration?

are you mad?

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Its hard to get hyped up by a game from EA today

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"next gen"

I'll be sticking with Battlefield thanks.



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I do love penetration.

I would ask the point, does it really matter.  In the long run, if the game is fun for what it does, will it really matter.  I really do not play games for features but instead for the fun factor.  Whether a game has one feature over another and how important that feature is to the game really cannot be determined until you play it.  In one game it could be very important in another it could be a big anoyance.

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So you pretty much want that's once someone gets in a titan then ground soldier's have no where to be safe got it

What should matter is the game fun or not? I'm curious to try the game, but I don't really enjoy online multi player shooters that much since I don't have very good twitch reflexes.

Why would they announce something like this? It's like they're just looking for negative publicity. Wouldn't it be better to let the players figure it out for themselves after experiencing it first-hand? Just hearing it in an announcement, it sounds like a pretty major and quite negative blot against the game, but actually playing it yourself can give a very different impression.

Same with 6v6, and even 720p. Though, in their defense, I don't think they came out and said, "our game is 720p on Xbox One" but still...)

i am sorry but this is inexcusable and when you add it to everything else Titanfall seems all smoke and mirrors

Azerth said:
So you pretty much want that's once someone gets in a titan then ground soldier's have no where to be safe got it

then whats the point being in a 'titan'? got it?