Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Who Else Thinks a Xbox One Price Cut is coming in March??

At the same time as Titanfall...

Xbox One will recieve a $50 dollar price cut in March. Mark my words homies!

Microsoft makes about 40 dollars on each console sold (not counting Xbox Live subscription, accessories, games etc.)

Xbox One for $450 + Titanfall  = Profit

Microsoft is releasing in another set of countries in march I believe (Edit false, maybe april). Xbox will be the same cost as PS4 in these countries to be competitive. If Xbox One is the same cost as PS4 in these countries surely it will be the same cost in places such as the US and UK...

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If it does it'll be $100 and they'll need to do a satisfactory 'ambassadors' programme.

Forza 5 or Ryse won't fucking cut it.


It'd be nice, Microsoft could afford to sell the console at a loss since they'd still be in the black between accessory, game, and Live revenue, but I'm not sure that they will. They'll probably wait until Holiday 2014 for a price cut, once the cost of building the system has gone down enough to drop the price without selling at a loss.

I could see a pricecut or Kinect-less SKU coming out this holiday to coincide with that Halo 2 remake. It would be stupid of them to not put out a cheaper alternative. At $500 they're going to get destroyed this holiday.

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Why would they? The X1 isn't doing that bad, or at least as bad as fanboys of the other companies would suggest. They have no real reason to drop the price unless it starts looking like a complete flop

Given this:

I dont think they will. At best they will unbundle kinect, but i have many doubts that the new management will be in the position to take losses on Xbox again.

Heck no, they would lose millions, the last thing they need for a division that is getting pressure to be sold.

BTW does anyone know what time the Xbox One update is coming today??