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ony's PlayStation Vita handheld may still be flagging in terms of sales, but a couple of tidbits of information regarding the device this week have shed some interesting light on how the Vita is being utilized.

According to IGN, Sony revealed at a closed-door meeting this week that 48 percent of PS Vita's game sales are digital. To put that into perspective, digital sales on the Nintendo 3DS -- Vita's closest rival -- currently account for around 9 percent of total game sales on the handheld.

Sony also says that one in three PS Vita owners have bought a PlayStation 4. That's pretty impressive when you consider that Sony has sold around 7.5 million Vitas to date, which means around 2.5 million people own both a PS Vita and a PS4.

It becomes even more impressive to note that 4.2 million PS4s have been sold -- hence, approximately 60 percent of PS4 owners also have a PS Vita, meaning that future Vita-PS4 cross functionality will potentially be on Sony's mind right now.

Having said that, Sony says that only around 250,000 people have tried out the Remote Play functionality between Vita and PS4 -- around 10 percent of those people who own both a Vita and a PS4.

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I will be into this numbers soon.

I am one of those.

me too, remote play is osm!

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I have both. Have not played Vita much since PS4 came out though...Totally off topic...Far Cry Classic comes out for PS3 on PSN today and if you havn't played it on PC, Far Cry 1 is an amazing game.

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what does this tell us?

thats a VERY interesting stat imo.

I'm not really here!

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Logic, since gamers all have a Ps Vita

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I'm one also..................... Love my Vita + PS4 combo. Like a Mike Tyson 1-2 punch.

Sounds a bit like bs to me.  Just like the digital sales news.

mmh, tells you something about the day 1 buyers.