Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Donkey Kong tropical freeze going to not break a million in sales lifetime?

Did not even register on the Japanese pre-order chart.

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actually, I think it will get very close to 3 million lifetime.

Of course it will. It's Donkey Kong -_-  Oh, if you meant japan only, then no.

It will probably get passed 1 million but idk how far it will go after that

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1. COMG doesn't always predict the actual Japanese sales performance. This has been seen before.
2. It'll break 1 Million. Especially considering the Wii U is strapping for games at times.
3. I'm kind of hoping you're just talking about Japan sales. In that case, it most likely will not.

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It sure as hell is gonna break a million.

Do you mean 1m in Japan? No, I wouldn't think so. 1m all regions combined? Yes.


I think it will sell just shy of 1 mil.

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1.3 mil tops.