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Jefferies upgraded Sony Corp. (NYSE: SNE) from Hold to Buy with a price target of $20.80 (from $17.70).

Analyst Atul Goyal said the bad news (FY3/14 OP forecast cuts) is out. And it seems to have been "priced-in", as Sony returned -16% relative to Nikkei in last 3 months.

"Looking forward, Sony's sale of the PC biz and spin-off of TV are moves in the right direction and can build a perception of real-restructuring," Goyal said. "These combined with weaker ¥/€ benefits lead our FY3/15-16 forecasts higher, resulting in our SoTP at Y2,080 (from Y1,770).",+Look+Forward+to+PC+Sale+and+TV+Spin/9137937.html


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But... Isn't Sony going to be bankrupt soon?

The bullshit needs to stop!


too late... already bought some when the 3 big rating companies rated them down to junk.

badgenome said:
The bullshit needs to stop!

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BasilZero said:

Valkyria Chronicles 4 needs to exist!

Moddys rated them JUNK in january 2014 so -1 +1 = 0

But but..why would anyone buy into a "junk status" company?

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Blood_Tears said:
But but..why would anyone buy into a "junk status" company?

old investor saying: "you have to buy when blood is on the streets."