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Which console did you buy? And did you buy it online or in-store?

PlayStation 4 - Online
PlayStation 4 - In Store
Xbox One - Online
Xbox One - In Store

After looking at the Amazon Best-Sellers list for both America and the UK, it has occured to me that a lot more people may be buying their consoles online rather than in store, particularly the PlayStation 4.

I am interested to see if this is truly the case so I thought I would create this poll to help gather data. I bought my PlayStation 4 in store as I like to be able to easily go into the store and get things sorted should anything go wrong, however, If I had not already put my deposit down I would have bought it from Amazon for £20 cheaper. How about you?

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Wii U at walmart.

 Bananaking was right, I was wrong. Like he always is. About the 3DS not selling at least 19.999 million in 2013...

3DS at Target. (it's next gen also)

3DS at Best Buy
Vita at Amazon
Wii U at Best Buy
3DS XL at GameStop

I also purchased a 3DS XL for my fiancée at Gilt, believe it or not.

3ds Amazon
WiiU Walmart

Ok people add me :D          Name :PachoFilauri


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PS4, 3DS amazon. I don't waste my time in stores and insane launch lines. I also have a grudge from lots of retail stores when they ruined DVD/BD releases. Bymoney hating bonus features. Although Amazon pissed me off when they didn't stock 3DS XL Zelda.

3DS- Amazon
3DS XL- GameStop, in store
Vita- GameStop, in store
Wii U- GameStop, online
PS4- Amazon
Xbox One (Christmas Present)- GameStop, in store

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Wii U at EB Games (Gamestop in Canada).

I bought my 360 through the Shoppping Channel. They had a killer deal one time that included 10 games.

The Last Starfighter

PS3 - Saturn
PS4 and Vita - MediaMarkt
DS - Carrefour

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SNES - Toys R Us
N64 - Circuit City
Gamecube - Best Buy
Wii - Best Buy

Gameboy Color - Best Buy
Gameboy Advance - Best Buy
Nintendo DS Lite - Fry's Electronics
3DS XL - Best Buy (Online)

PS2 - Best Buy
PS3 - Best Buy

PSP - Fry's Electronics

PC GFX Upgrade - Microcenter