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Which console did you buy? And did you buy it online or in-store?

PlayStation 4 - Online 20 35.71%
PlayStation 4 - In Store 27 48.21%
Xbox One - Online 1 1.79%
Xbox One - In Store 7 12.50%

After looking at the Amazon Best-Sellers list for both America and the UK, it has occured to me that a lot more people may be buying their consoles online rather than in store, particularly the PlayStation 4.

I am interested to see if this is truly the case so I thought I would create this poll to help gather data. I bought my PlayStation 4 in store as I like to be able to easily go into the store and get things sorted should anything go wrong, however, If I had not already put my deposit down I would have bought it from Amazon for £20 cheaper. How about you?

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Wii U at walmart.

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3DS at Target. (it's next gen also)

3DS at Best Buy
Vita at Amazon
Wii U at Best Buy
3DS XL at GameStop

I also purchased a 3DS XL for my fiancée at Gilt, believe it or not.

3ds Amazon
WiiU Walmart

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PS4, 3DS amazon. I don't waste my time in stores and insane launch lines. I also have a grudge from lots of retail stores when they ruined DVD/BD releases. Bymoney hating bonus features. Although Amazon pissed me off when they didn't stock 3DS XL Zelda.

3DS- Amazon
3DS XL- GameStop, in store
Vita- GameStop, in store
Wii U- GameStop, online
PS4- Amazon
Xbox One (Christmas Present)- GameStop, in store


Wii U at EB Games (Gamestop in Canada).

I bought my 360 through the Shoppping Channel. They had a killer deal one time that included 10 games.

PS3 - Saturn
PS4 and Vita - MediaMarkt
DS - Carrefour

SNES - Toys R Us
N64 - Circuit City
Gamecube - Best Buy
Wii - Best Buy

Gameboy Color - Best Buy
Gameboy Advance - Best Buy
Nintendo DS Lite - Fry's Electronics
3DS XL - Best Buy (Online)

PS2 - Best Buy
PS3 - Best Buy

PSP - Fry's Electronics

PC GFX Upgrade - Microcenter

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