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Currently: Titanfall #13, Infamous SS #58

Amazon ranking seem playstation biased as well, evidently more playstation fans shop there than the general public. (as for example #1 selling console of 2012 was PS3, PS4 was way ahead on 2013 bestsellers but real sales were close, etc). So it's probably much worse than whatever Amazon has it in favor of Titanfall.

Meaningful? Titanfall living up to hype?

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This was expected by anyone with understanding of the situation I think. However, it should be noted, that Titanfall was where Infamous is about two days ago, and Infamous releases a week later. That being said, I expect Titanfall to win the sales race.

And this matters why? And I see you had to throw in that part about playstation fans. Good one! /s

I think Titanfall has the broader appeal. Its a shooter and it has a nice twist to the generic mp gameplay that we get every year with COD.

Infamous looks really good and its perhaps the most "next gen" game of them all so far. Open world with beautiful visuals! If Infamous gets good reviews and good word of mouth it might be able to put up a fight. PS4 also seems to have the edge with regards to hype and support for the platform so that will help as well.

I think both MS and Sony have done well to hype these games up. The games now need to deliver.

I got a bad feeling about Infamous though...

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Oh my god, would you stop it with those freaking Amazon threads already? God damnit man.

Also we know that Titanfall is selling better than Infamous in the US, our own preorder chart says basically just that.

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This isn't news.

inFamous is a B franchise for Sony. Titanfall, on the other hand, has pretty much everything riding on its shoulders. You would HOPE it sells better. Otherwise MS wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of making a comeback.

Titanfall will outsell the XBONE itself, confirmed.

JoeTheBro said:

Titanfall will outsell the XBONE itself, confirmed.

Dang impressive!  

I'm expecting a 1.2 attach ratio for this game.  1.2 titanfalls for every Xbox One.  

JoeTheBro said:

Titanfall will outsell the XBONE itself, confirmed.


Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

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What time interval are we talking about? Sold better in the last 24h?

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