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Playstation fan and Microsoft fan will never get along.

I have been in this site wathing and reading threads and this is what I have noticed, of course there are exceptions but this is how I have realise that most fan reacts.

1) A Thread with good news about Playstation:

                  Sony fan will come in and be very overhyped about the news

                  Microsoft Fan will not really comment that much in the thread.

2) A Thread with good news about Microsoft

                 Microsoft fan will act like this is the future right there

                 But a lot of Sony fan will come into the thread and try to make the good news look not so good like it's nothing to go crazy about

3) A thread with bad news about Playstation or with critics about playtation

                 Playstation fan will acknowledge the errors and say they should really work to fix this and that.

4) A thread with bad news or critics about Microsoft

               Microsoft fan will try to make it looks like that is not a problem at all.

5) Microsoft fan support to their console

              The microsoft fan put the money where their mouth is at.  They buy Xbox games.

6) Sony fan support to their console

              While sony fans do buy Playstation games but not as much as Xbox Players. Sony fan like the free stuff (lol just joking)


So if you guys think of anything else that differentiate them. Please feel free to add or to comment my oberservations.

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What about Nintendo fans?

It does seem like this site (aswell as others) have a high percentage of sony fans overall.
I am a gamer but i dislikes some people.

its an endless chain

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Nintentacle said:
What about Nintendo fans?

I haven't pay attention too much to them. But if I am thinking about them right now, I think they are quiet fans and very cautious.

They usually wait for victory before starting to brag about the Nintendo products.

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why should be get along?!

...the games we play are sooo different we have very little to no common ground on which to bond over.

Of course they will never get along. Like baby seal lovers and seal clubbing aficionados.

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You clearly have missed some posters that like to trash the competition in all kind of threads.


But in general you are right about yours observation. But about Nintendo they are very negative towards sony and some are critical to Nintendo and others are Always hopefull the next announcement will make WiiU sells 150M.

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I love the fanboys that don't think they are fanboys that call out other fanboys for being fanboys.

That applies to both sides lol.

I think that the Nintendo fans are the most defensive. If you dare to say anything regarding Nintendo products, they simply can't believe it and then call you a liar or fool for not thinking that the Nintendo product is the best. The worst seems to be that most of the mods defend this behavior or delete the threads.

It is near the end of the end....