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You, sir, must be off your meds. Fan is short for fanatical, and is by its very interpretation somewhat on the crazy side. Being a sane fan is an oxymoron if ever there was one. And like you said the gen has just begun so saying Sony has locked it up is just CRAZY!!!!!

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nintendo haters say that nintendo should give up on wii U and think about its sucessor, not the fans.

NintendoPie said:
Are you serious? Are you actually, through and through, serious right now?

I must be the only one who saw the piles of "PS4 WINS GEN 8 CONFIRMED" threads months before it's release, then. Pushing one fan base as the "crazay!" ones and then setting up another as "sane" is just ridiculous.

Saying the PS4 was going to win a few months before release on the back of mountains of hype was a lot less stupid than saying that Nintendo are going to win with a console they haven't yet reveled in a generation which is years off :P

Both are stupid, but the Nintendo one is just plain batshit nutty.

How about we actually name individual users. That would be much more interesting and potentially useful than some useless generalizations.

It's just some people's opinion. Also the wii u is doing a million times worse than the ps3. Not a fair comparison.

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That the Nintendo fanbase is at present making the Sony fanbase look sane by comparison is quite a thing to behold.

I've only seen one person say this.

Get ready to be stoned to death my man.

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I'm sure not all sony fans want to be generalized by the opinions in the OP.

Same way, not all nintendo fans think that way.

Go look at those Gen 9 Nintendo threads. U will see that basically all of them are made by a single person. One fan does not equal fanbase.

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