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What do you guys think?

Pawa of da cloudz. 26 46.43%
This is Sorny propaganda. 5 8.93%
Dis is alpha. 12 21.43%
Play games, dont look the graphicz. 6 10.71%
This will push Xbox one sales. 7 12.50%
deadly2choke said:

you got banned you doing the same exact thing

Yepp i did, and the thing you may not know but I immediately sent ganon a message to where we then messaged through Pm's.  Me and Ganon are actually cool with each other.  I think he is a great user regardless of me disagreeing with him in this case. You wont see me badgering Ganon in any other case as i usually find his posts good and well thought out.

Even so i shouldnt have posted it in a public thread hence my ban.

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deadly2choke said:
JayWood2010 said:

Is it really necessary to try and bait Selnor the way you guys are? This is the type of stuff mods need to start acting on. Like selnor or not dont act like jerks and bait him when he isnt even around.

As for the topic your comparing a game that has been confirmed to be at 25% the final resolution(even then people are excited for the gameplay, not the graphics). Prob be best to wait for the final game to be released rather than making another topic every day about TitanFall.  


you got banned you doing the same exact thing

It's only wrong when others do it and aren't they both alpha versions?

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First off; it's Alpha footage. Second; the One images look smudgy and grainy, almost like a poor resolution youtube video, this seems a bit fishy.

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I'm not a microsoft fan at all but even I can see that this is bs. Those textures aren't even up to x360 standards. You people can't actually think that the final version will look like that on XBone can you?

Is this Wii vs Xbox 360 comparison ? trololo

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I highly doubt the final version will look as bad as the alpha, that would nothing sort of embarrassing. We'll get a better idea of the graphics once the beta goes live.

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TruckOSaurus said:

Mod warning

It's one thing to debate with someone who has posted in the thread and has an opinion that differs from yours but to insult, mock and bait someone who isn't part of the discussion is not allowed.

Bans incoming.

If you keep banning people for things they for fact, do, you're gonna stub much of the posting around here. This is a premier console wars website, you have to be at least a little tolerant, especially when most of the things said are the truth. Nobody called anyone names, but banning for calling someone out, really?

OT: Needs a comparison closer to release. Comparing alphas, really?

Oh, wow. Next gen is here

Even the PC version doesn't look very good yet the One version somehow manages to look worse.

I'm shocked that an alpha with 25% of its final texture quality looks worse than the PC version.

The difference is big in some screens but in others the alpha actually looks as good or better. But in most of the screens the comparison is bad, making the screen irrelevant. Like the helmet one, or the billboard one. Really, the difference in the billboard pic is "radical"?

This is beyond stupid. I don't even own an XBOX1 and I'm almost certain it will look much better than these screenshots. It will look very close to PC quality.