were could the next assassin's creed take place?

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I'm still rooting for 16th century Potosi.

Goddamit, there needs to be a game set there.

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India or China!


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Three Kingdoms, Japan in nanbam's era, 30's Russia, or Africa in the first wave of colonisation.

badgenome said:

I think I'm through with the series, but if they set one in India or Three Kingdoms era China, I just might have to cave.

Or if they set it during Genesis and have you actually play as Cain.

cain the first assassin...


one of the age of empires 2 chapters, any will do like genghis khan or william wallace even joan of arc era

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Austria, Vienna during the time of the Turkish siege

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oldschoolfool said:

I'm just wondering were the next assassin's creed game could take place. I mean,it's already taken place in just about every major location. My only idea is probably early japan. That would be a cool  place for a game. thoughts? 

They made a few hints in AC4 about Japan, so that's where I'm hoping the next one takes place.

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A recent leak says Egypt. I'm still hoping for Feudal/Edo period Japan or Victorian England.

I'd love the idea of a game taking place in feudal Japan, but my gut tells me that we're going to get at least one more game set in the pirate era.

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The pirate thing can get tedious in AC IV sometimes. the story is becoming more and more useless too as they progress. I hope they move to a new location without pirates in the next game. I don't see much they can add to the pirate stuff. But my gut tells me they'll want to reuse the pirate assets in the next game.

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