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Ok, vita's hitting hard big time, it can be rescued but wont be anywhere close to psp numbers. Its quite depressing really because anyone who's held it knows it is a brilliant machine and capable of AAA games on the go.

So assuming vita flops, Sony would have to be smart and go into the next handheld war with a better strategy. Nintendo aren't the real enemy (and may soon not be at all : more on that in another post) but the enemy is IOS and Android.

I think, if you cant beat them, join them. A highly customised OS based on android OS, with two stores, Google Play and PS Store. A partnership in the handheld space with google would be killer too, where google can deploy some of their apps with exclusive features, such as youtube gmail etc.

That satisfies the core gamer market and the casual market. Maybe a concept on Xperia Play but with a dedicated Playstaton controller, nubs etc.

Also, power isn't everything, as evident by 3DS games, portables dont need powerful hardware, they need easy, cheap hardware that satisfies pick-up-and-play ethos.

Your turn, hopefully cerny is watching and learning.

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Don't make another one unless you are planning to support it... But if you must, Just play another phone in the Xperia Play Category so it will have more than one uses


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I agree with the cerny part. There is a lot of underrated talent in VG Chartz! Hope he is watching!

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I'd tell them to get out now and never look back. Focus resources on consoles which is where they are king.

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The next Sony handheld needs games that appeal to the Western audience. That's the Vita's biggest weakness. Lack of games that appeal to the Western audience( not saying that all the JRPGs the Vita is getting are bad,  but they are not going to appeal to the typical Call of Duty/ Madden fan)

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how about Dual screens, one touch and the other is a normal screen, call it DS

the most common complaint I see from a lot of people is memory card prices.

lower the price.


And those Japanese games needs to get localized. There is way to many Japanese  only Vita games in Japan

I doubt they will make a handheld, unless they're 100% sure they could beat Nintendo, which I don't think will happen anytime soon.

It's not hard. Invest in building franchises that appeal to kids. That's the only way to sell a handheld in North America.