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ADD chars from all series just like in SSB

ADD Pikachu for the poke fans, zero suit samus for the perverts and fox just because i want to see him in something else then just SSB ;p

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Super Smash Kart?


Would be so damn epic and fap worthy.. Just damnn


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Zero Suit Samus still has enough clothing. Not enough for perverts.

Nintendo And Champion's Maskarts - (Mascots + Karts) should be its own game with significant gameplay differences between characters/vehicles more akin to Smash Bros meets Sonic Riders /Kirby's Warp-Star Racing different character classes.

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Zero Suit Samus + Bike = Wet pants

I wouldn't be surprised to see the series go this route in the future but personally I'm not really a fan of the idea.

Many Nintendo characters, such as Pikachu, would fit in ok but Captain Falcon would clash a bit because he's already known for a much different racing series (plus, I really don't like him as a character).

Once we get into Samus and Link... ehh, I just don't picture them in a Kart racing game. The whole gathering of Ninty characters from different series into one game just works better in Smash IMO.

Sega did it! I've been thinking about this forever, it seems strange they haven't done it yet. C'mon Nintendo!

I'm sure we'll see a Nintendo Stars Sports game before such a racing game.

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Captain falcon in Mario thanks. I rather see Kirby :(