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Stole it from neogaf.





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Would double dip if true.

Still waiting for GTA5 Complete Edition on PS4 to hit $20 before I buy it again.

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NeoRatt said:
Sony is now renaming the PlayStation to the RePlayStation...

You can replay PC Indie or PS3 games on it!
I was concerned when I bought GTA V for PS3 that a next gen version might release, but after playing it I'm sorry I bought any version of this turd.


A PC version is a guarantee and a next gen version is highly likely sense they would make so much money for just porting it over. I would be surprised with a June release though, I expect a November/October release for next gen consoles with all DLC.


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I'm JUSt getting around to playing GTV after buying it on New Year's Eve and it's an outstanding game. I'd personally like to see a "next gen" version of it but I couldn't see myself trying to beat it twice.

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Tbh I don't think it's coming. This would be almost a year since release. It wouldn't be a port any more. It'd be an HD remake.


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Everyone has already played it though.

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MoHasanie said:
Everyone has already played it though.

I didn't, I was waiting for a PC version... But now I don't even want to play it for some reason.

Just who is going to buy this, anyways?

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I'm waiting for PC version. I don't even know what the story is about.