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Yes, you read well. There won't be a proper Zelda game for Wii U as it is moved below the table quietly to the Wii U succesor.

That means:

WWHD - 2013

Hyrule Warriors - 2014

TPHD - 2015

Zelda HD for Wii U succesor at launch (like the Wii) - 2016



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My thoughts:

This based on nothing. It will not happen.

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It would be great to have a new Zelda for the next Nintendo console at launch, but the next Zelda will be released for the Nintendo Wii U in November 2015!!!

You're just being irrational and totally pessimistic.Don't worry it will definately come out for wii u in 2014 or 2015 i'd stake my life on it.

Not happening, sorry. That would hurt fan confidence. And all Nintendo consoles did receive a zelda game. TP was launched on Gamecube before wii. I could see them releasing it on wiiU and then maybe re-releasing it on their successor.

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So you are essentially saying that 2014 will be the last year Nintendo truly supports the Wii U ? I think your mind has become infected by all the forum dwellers doom talk.

2015 will see Zelda U and Metroid U.

Nintendo now obviously thinks it will be successful by copying Sony and Square Enix.

Project GATSOOMGPCAPISE is finished. 2k well spent.

I actually agree. A proper Zelda game with high-end graphics would cost too much for Nintendo's sales expectations. It just wouldn't fit with their business strategy.

Damn! I was going for most consecutive Zelda avatars.

Edit: I disagree. I expect a brand new canonical Zelda for Wii U no later than Christmas 2015.

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Should land in 2015. And they'll NEED it.

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