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Read it over Neogaf:

- Cranky in Smash. In fact every character is now Cranky

- Retro's next game is Mario Kart 9

- Nintendo had 3 Metroid games in development but canceled all of them in hopes of increasing hardware sales

- X's full title is Xenophobia and will be dubbed over by the cast of Duck Dynasty

- F-Zero GX coming to iPhone


Thoughts? Nintendo finally entering mobile as investors wanted?

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...such a bad attempt of generating clickbait.

Which with these "leakers" now a days?

Im all for joke threads but this one isnt clever in the slightest bit.

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

Well, regardless of what Nintendos e3 looks like, I'm certain now it won't be as disappointed in this "leak."

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lol Neogaf

I've heard weirder things

So nothing?

Will Nintendo host a show this year or they will  e absent again?

Nintendo probably isn't attending e3 lol

People who believe and post those things are the worst and stupiest people in the universe!!! NeoGAF is a place of ****** PlayStation Fanboys anyways!!!