Emily Rogers: Ubisoft won't comment on Wii U version of Watch Dogs

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Fuck it, I already lost hope on the wiiU version.. I have a better PC anyway so I will get it for that... Better graphics/fps than all consoles anyway

But if it does come out for the wiiU, I might get it then


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Good news for me, I am day dreaming about WiiU for a while, if the situation is this bad for 3rd party, then I better wait

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I wouldn't be shocked, but I still think it's coming.

Id rather play Smash and MK8 anyways

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I still think It's coming to Wii U.

Would seem strange to drop it so late into the process, unless they weren't really fully committed in the first place. That said; if it does turn out to be cancelled somehow, that is an incredibly devastating statement from the Wii U's biggest, and practically only, 3rd party supporter in Ubisoft.

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Damn that is ice cold of Ubisoft lol.

"No Comment".

Pretty ironic too since didnt some sites publish video montages of 2014 WiiU games to come and had Watchdogs....damn.

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This means Nintendo needs to pay for it or its not happening. Forget it. I following Rol and only buying Nintendo published games.