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We have debated countless times over this topic. So dont hate me. Its pete todd saying.


Xbox One vs PS4: ESRAM "Not Much Faster Than GDDR5, Can Never Have Sustained Speed, It's Bottleneck"

Well known industry insider, Pete Todd aka 'Famousmortimer' has shared another set of juicy information regarding Microsoft's next-gen Xbox console, Xbox One via Twitter. This time details are regarding Xbox One's ESRAM comparison to Xbox 360 EDRAM and how soon developers can make full use of it.

Pete Todd in a recent Twitter conversation (with user "josh hanlon") was asked to comment on Xbox One ESRAM, "whether recent leak stating that its Super Fast and Expensive" is TRUE or not?, To this Todd replied that ESRAM in Xbox One is faster than DDR3 but not as faster as GDDR5, "its Bottleneck, Plain and Simple".

"Its faster than DDR3, but not much faster than GDDR5 (used in PS4: 8GB DDR5 RAM), there's only 32 MB, its Bottleneck, plain and simple"

Todd further explained that things will get better as time progresses but it won't be available to sustain the speed which GDDR5 offers.

"But like most bottlenecks they will get better at getting around it. But it will never have the sustained speed of gddr5."

When "josh hanlon" asked if developers will get used to Xbox One ESRAM yet or not?, Todd replied that there's not much difference between ESRAM and EDRAM (which is used in Xbox 360) so developers will get used to it as time passes but it's not exactly foreign.

"ESRAM isn't all that different than edram which is what the 360 used. Devs will get better with it but it's not exactly foreign"

So there you have it folks, use whatever term you can "Resolution-Gate, ESRAM Gate", Xbox One seems to lack behind PS4 in every important department.



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Thanks for bringing everyone up to speed that's been living under a rock for the past half year.

It's useless. Everyone who still lives in denial will never accept facts at this point.

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ESRAM is better to have then not have. Its simple. Companies will learn to use it, just like how companies learnt how to use the PS3.

I truly hope there aren't people who are still in denial regarding this. 

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It's not a bottleneck, developers do not have to use it.
A bottleneck implies that it's holding back the system in some way, which it isn't.
If they use it correctly it has benefits.

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Pemalite said:

It's not a bottleneck, developers do not have to use it.
A bottleneck implies that it's holding back the system in some way, which it isn't.
If they use it correctly it has benefits.

Correct, some people dont understand what a bottleneck is.

Heheheh, he said bottleneck

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Why the first generation of games in gen 8 has such a difference!

The raw specs of both are enough to run 1080p and 60fps. Not in all games obviously, but the argument that the XB1 isnt capable because it is weak is silly. Any multiplat that runs at 1080p on PS4 has that same potential on XB1 when properly optimized. Whether XB1 has the same effects such as particles, filtering, shadows, textures .... is another story.

Having esram a slight boost but when you have outdated drivers.......its a major annoyance.

XB1 launch games have been plagued with last minute changes to hardware speed and outdated drivers.

As the dev tools get updated and optimized, XB1 will be running 1080p with no problem. Whether the framerates are as fast as PS4 is another issue.

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