Is it panic time for Microsoft?

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Ok so the holiday season has died down and Ps4's are slowly starting be become easier to get. 3DS is killing it, Wii U has good upcoming exclusives and Steam Machines are on the horizon.  Should Microsoft be getting worried??? Microsoft was always the software winner for multiplats in the U.S but so far its neck and neck with ps4.  Now that more PS4's are starting to be available on the store shelves they seem to be pulling away slightly in the U.S and destroying everywhere else in the world.  You have to go down to #20 on the list to see and Xone game(CoD Ghost).  Microsoft has even opened the door for the Wii U to possibly steal some of the spotlight for next gen supremacy.

Is it panic time yet for Microsoft?

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dat price!

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Nah just wait til they release worldwide, they'll be fine.

jk, it's time to panic

Drop the price to $399 and everything will be fine.

But but but but all the value?! The peripheral no one wants combined with a high price for lesser hardware, yeah they need to drop that kinect shit already ffs. Im still not budging on an xbo until the kinectless xbo is out or halo 5 is out, whichever is first.


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Imagine how bad it would be if the haters didnt force all the 180's

Microsoft needs to do something about Xbox One's numbers in Europe as soon as possible. They are dropping like a rock which is worrying. Also don't even get me started on Japan. At this point they should  simply forget about releasing the One in Japan.

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well, they have a new $100 price slash deal now... 


I think it's clear they already are, given the offer of $100 of an Xbox One for PS3 trade-ins....I'm not sure it's necessary though, I mean, it's not like the One is selling terribly. Just not as well as their competition.  Though, the discrepancy between multi-plat performance should be concerning to Microsoft.  And if Sony starts having developers use Mantle to develop games, and the performance increase is as advertised given the low level nature of it's access, that could force Microsoft to start using Mantle over DX, which would be a whole other ballgame.

No, its still destroying the Wii U in sales and is currently in a big software drought so there is no time to panic.