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Saw this over on NeoGaf:

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Oh nice. This is an amazing fighting game. Will buy the full package soon.

Incredible stuff.

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Its beyond me how fulgore was not in the first line up. He is killer Instinct.

ahaoe msny characters will the game have when it is finnished

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Everytime i see FULGORE mentioned i cant help but thing of the character on the G/Zatch Bell anime.

The annoying music just pops in my head. He is made of iron aswell! Tetsu no folgoore! lol

They've done a really nice job updating those classic KI characters for this new version.

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Wow that action was amazing, does all that happen in the background every time on that stage? I think it would distract me from the game it looked so good. But even better was the music. KI has an amazing soundtrack from what I have heard of it.

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I imagine this will make a very nice profit throughout the generation as the go-to Xbox fighter.

All they have to do is keep adding characters.


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