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reggin_bolas said:
sundin13 said:
Haha, wow...sounds like you are just mad you can't play nintendo games on your PS4/XBO *rolls eyes*

I'm just echoing the sentiments of virtually every non-Nintendo gamer out there. We want Nintendo games, not Nintendo consoles. But that's not even the point. The point is that Nintendo's new stategy makes no sense and alientes every interested party out there including its own fans and investors.

Again, I have to point out that the point of console exclusives are to make that console appealing. The Wii U hasn't been handled well and should have been doing much better. But 'We want Nintendo games on non-Nintendo consoles?'

Fuggin' tough, buddy.

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Was that supposed to be a compelling list of reasons not to support Nintendo anymore?

All I got out of that was, "Damn, I still have to buy a Nintendo to play Nintendo games."

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famousringo said:

1. Investors want a lot of things, and just because they want it doesn't mean it's a good for Nintendo, Nintendo's customers, or even investors themselves. Some investors simply want to ransack a company for as much as they can, then get out.

2. Fair enough point. But if gamers aren't giving Nintendo enough returns on their investment in games, seeking customers elsewhere makes sense, no? You seem to think Nintendo should seek out the extremely well-served customers on other gaming platforms, but why should health & fitness customers be off the table? They've made Nintendo a lot of money in the past while gamers on HD consoles were busy deriding Nintendo games as old and childish.

3. Giving away free things is a great way to attract people, but it doesn't pay the bills. How on earth is losing more money a solution to Nintendo's problems?

4. Nintendo's gone as far as they can to attract third parties without:

A) Sacrificing the customer relationship (EA's Origin fiasco).

B) Building the same console as everybody else, and thereby foregoing any value-adding differentiation.

C) Simply throwing money at third parties, which is not the way to add value or make money.

All of these options will accelerate Nintendo's irrelevance, not turn things around. All courting third parties has ever gotten Nintendo is compromised values and empty promises. There's not much point in asking a girl out if she already has a ring on.

As for 3, a bigger installment base means more software sales which is what Nintendo wants primarily. The Wii U is, for all intents and purposes, a companion console to the big two PS3/PS4 360/XB1. Because it has virtually no third party support, it's basically a secondary console for people who want to play Nintendo games. Why should it cost almost as much as PS4? 

I think all that heath stuff brings more diversity than putting games on smartphones.

reggin_bolas said:


So who is defending Nintendo now and why? With only some 2-3 games headed for the Wii U this spring, are you still satisfied with your purchase? 

You know their will be plenty, they could release one game a year and they still would champion its for the best ninty is doing it for them.  Wiiu is oficially dead, i got one but luckly it was cheap buy so no big loss.  Satified hell no, but i mostly got it for X so i knew id buy very few games for it from the start.  Maybe Grannys MArio advantures health will be a killer app to buy lolz.

As a gamer all the info iv seen was a giant WTF.... no seriously WTF.




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They make good games.

I feel alienated by Sony for not releasing a single Uncharted game on Xbox 360. It is unacceptable that I should be asked to buy more than one HD console in the same generation. And, asked to purchase the MORE expensive HD console at that! Really... just ridiculous... Sony dropped the ball on that one big time and let all of it's investors and the gaming public down. Maybe if The Last of Us had been multiplat, Sony's stock wouldn't have to be downgraded to junk status, and they wouldn't have had to sell off office buildings to cover losses. These games shouldn't be exclusive to one console. In fact, there shouldn't be any such thing as 1st Parties. There should be 1 console manufacturer period. This console manufacturer should also make microwave ovens, but not be allowed to make their own video games. All gaming companies will be software only and will provide their games to this console/microwave manufacturer. Gaming problem solved for everyone. A world with NO choices in the console market. Seems ideal for the consumer to me.

Anfebious said:
I understand you, life is hard. We can't have everything in life. If you want Nintendo games you will have to get a Wii U. I know... it sucks that the PS4 can't run Super Mario 3D World.

You don't have to get a Wii U! Most people opt for the 3DS!

Just like some guy addressed EA on twitter.
Nintendo "fucked themselves in the Knee", they couldn't build upon the success of the Wii

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I agree with Nintendo going a non gaming route being bad for gamers but having a Nintendo game on "hd console of our choice" is hilarious to see l0l


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